"With Pulsor® The results were immediate. After my first Pulsor® balancing, I felt surprisingly energized and relaxed, and eager to catch up on my backlog of work. -Michael Fries"

Dr. Yao

Pulsor® was invented by Dr. George T. F. Yao, an Electrical, Chemical and Molecular Engineer. Dr. Yao discovered a new form of pollution which is invisible, cannot be felt or smelled, and is thought to be more dangerous than any other pollutant. Environmental Pollution The World is becoming smaller and environmental pollution is growing and spreading. Pulsor® Therapy can help protect you from Electromagnetic radiation that escapes from millions of domestic appliances, industrial businesses, radio and television stations, as well as personal computers, PDAs, cell phones and any technology which uses batteries or electricity. By keeping Pulsor® on us, we can protect ourselves from this bombardment of electronic and magnetic radiation by using Pulsor® Therapy.

Pulsor® is a microcrystalline composition, sensitive to certain energy waves in the electromagnetic spectrum. Pulsor® is neatly sealed in many different types of Pulsor® devices such as a Pulsor® Wrist Bands, Pulsor® Decorative Pendant, and Pulsor® Products which creates a protective force shield so "electric smog" may not have any further effect upon the human body.

Pulsors® maintains the vortex polarity balance of the body using its own energy and aura force fields. While we cannot escape the modern world and all its technological advances, we can protect ourselves with Pulsor® Therapy from any potential electromagnetic danger.

Since this electromagnetic "smog" affects all biological energy systems by disorienting their natural vortex polarities, the body reacts as it would to any other invader. By using Pulsor® Therapy you could avoid psychological effects such as tension, headaches, frustration and apprehension, plus the body can find it harder to resist bacterial and viral infections, as well as many other diseases.