"Since installing Pulsor® in my office,I feel more clear,relaxed and productive throughout the day thanks to Pulsor®. My co-workers enjoy being here too,without knowing why.I haven't told them about the Pulsor®. Our office is now much more harmonious and productive due to Pulsor®. -Carroll Purvis"

The Pulsor® Therapy Balancing Stress Management Center is located in Orange County, California. We offer Pulsor® lectures on electromagnetic fields to private clubs, businesses and organizations to educate the general public. Also Pulsor® classes and seminars taught by Sybil Poiset DS, an official Pulsor® Representative (Diplomat Status).

In the human body we have many sets of energy systems: the electrical, the magnetic, the vibrational, the blood circulatory system, the nervous system, the acupuncture meridians, the reflex points, and the proportional systems. But the most important and Basic of these is the Primal Energy Vortex Polarity System. Pulsor® manages the stress levels in the human body energy systems. Whenever these systems are either disoriented or even reversed, all other energy systems are adversely affected, thus impeding the natural flow of self-healing forces which are built into each human energy system.

Pulsor® concentrates on the Vortex Energy Centers that are in the human body. You may feel tired and tense around the shoulders and arms. You may feel weak and slight nausea, you may seem to be sleepy all the time, you may have difficulty getting to sleep. You may have pressure in the head, irritable and unhappy with everyone and all situations. These conditions of extreme fatigue are familiar to many people that do not have Pulsor® Therapy.

Without Pulsor® Therapy Sessions your negative emotional feelings creates the accumulation of distress. In general your total system is somewhat below par; below its normal efficiency without Pulsor® Therapy. However if your doctor finds you physically fit and you still feel unwell perhaps your bodys energy fields are being disturbed and needs a Pulsor® Therapy balance.

Pulsor® Therapy work deals with Stress Management harmonizing and correcting many feelings of discomfort, such as restlessness, irritability, apprehension, stress and tension in the neuromuscular structures. Pulsor® and their multi-functions works within our body. Most people have reversed Vortex Energy Centers which is explained in Dr. Yao's book Pulsor® Miracle of Micro Crystals. [Can be purchased on order sheet]

This can be corrected with Pulsor® Therapy techniques used at the Pulsor® Therapy Balancing Stress Management Center.